Sunday, August 28, 2011

Second Coptic Bound Book

About a month after I took the class from Karleigh Jae, I finally sat down and made some book covers for more Coptic bound books. On two of the sets of covers, I inlaid a piece of the endpapers onto the outside of the front cover. Inlaying was something I did at the Book Repair Unit and that I always loved. I was out of practice, so the first one I did was a little off center, hence the glitter!

Another thing I tried with this book was covering the folded part of each signature with white paper to make things more interesting. I cut the edges with decorative scissors. I like the way it looks, but it did make the sewn edge of the book thicker than the bottom edge. I told the recipient (I gave it to a friend who moved out of town) that she could glue pictures, recipes or whatever into the book on those white pages, so the extra space might get filled up :)

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