Thursday, April 21, 2016

I am SO excited.

I am going to a Jeff Peachey tool making workshop this summer. Even better, I am going with my oldest daughter. What better way to bond with her than making knives together, right?

Quoted from Mr. Peachey's website, here is a description of the workshop  -

"In this three day tool making intensive, we will make several knives by hand, using stock reduction, and make a variety of Delrin and Tonkin bamboo folding and lifting tools. Participants should also bring any tools they wish to discuss, sharpen, alter, clean or restore. The specific tools that bookbinders use will be examined in detail: paring knives, lifting knives, scissors, hole punches, scalpels, spokeshaves and board shear blades. The pros and cons of various sharpening systems will be discussed, including water stones, ceramic stones, diamond stones, oil stones, natural stones, silicone carbide powder, aluminum oxide powder, diamond paste, abrasive papers and stropping compounds. Basic principals of tool steel and edge geometry will be discussed. This class will focus on the techniques of efficient free-hand sharpening, which is applicable to any sharpening system. Participants will be provided the 3M Microfinishing film, a large paring or lifting knife blank, and all hard hacksaw blades to two small knives of their choosing, a variety of Delrin blanks and Tonkin Bamboo. The goal is to free participants from the plethora of misinformation and mystique that surrounds sharpening, learn to shape Delrin and bamboo, and learn to maintain and repair common bookbinding tools."

Is it just me, does that sound dreamy? Tool learning, tool making, Delrin, bamboo and steel? I feel like someone should pinch me, but the reality is, knowing me, I'll probably pinch, bruise or cut myself while I'm tool making. It will be worth it.